Atal Lab

With the Mindset to create workspaces that are suitable for young minds to learn innovation skills, develop ideas via hands-on activities, work, and learn in a flexible environment with present-day technology, the Govt of India has suggested Schools build an "Atal Lab" for the students. Rawat Public Sr. Sec School has a well-equipped Atal Lab for its students.

Library & Reading Room

To upgrade the intellectual level of the students in the school, there is a large library in which there is a collection of books related to various subjects. Students here enrich their knowledge by studying various books and newspapers. The library of Rawat Public Senior Secondary School, Mansarovar is well equipped with 6,000 books. There are books related to various subjects like social, political, economic, and general knowledge. Students go to the library to study different books in their spare time. Along with this, there is also a reading room attached to the library, where students can concentrate and study.

Computer Lab

The school has a computer lab with modern technology, in which 100 students can take computer education simultaneously. Practical work is done in the computer lab. Students are proficient in computer science because computer education is an urgent demand of the present era. More than 100 computers with all facilities are available in the school, which made e-learning possible. Apart from this, the school is equipped with a Wi-Fi facility, so that all internet-related work can be done easily.

Well Equipped Science Labs

Biology Lab

Chemistry Lab

Physics Lab

The present age is the age of science. To facilitate the science subject and for practical work, laboratories are very important. Various laboratories in the school give information about practical facts related to science to the students such as Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab, Geography Lab, Home Science Lab, Drawing Lab, Agriculture Lab & Psychology Lab. All the laboratories are equipped with fire extinguishers and safety standards. All the lab equipment is available in the labs. The laboratories are capable of being used by 50 students at a time. All the experiments are done under the skilled guidance of the teachers. Records of all experiments are maintained by the students and teachers.


Sports activities are very important for the physical development of the students. In order to prepare the students to participate in various types of sports competitions at the national and international level, instructors of various sports have been appointed in the school. In the spacious playground of the school, the students get an opportunity to play various sports in which Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Taekwondo, etc. are prominent. Students participate in various sports according to their interests. For this, they are given training by trained physical teachers. Many students of the school have represented the school in state and national games.


Students are trained in Badminton under the guidance of professional coaches and trainers. Well-equipped kit and ground are reserved for badminton coaching.


For the purpose of keeping the students physically & mentally healthy and strong, a trained yoga teacher has been appointed in the school. Yoga strengthens the mind, intellect, body and infuses new energy in the students by increasing their intelligence. We are providing regular Yoga Classes for the mental and physical betterment of the students