Swami Vivekananda”

Rawat Public Senior Secondary School, Neelam Path, Mansarovar is the academic branch of Rawat Educational Group. It contributed much to the Rawat Educational Group. In 1983, The Chairman of Rawat Educational Group, Mr. B.S. Rawat established Rawat Bal Vidya Niketan and started the first branch in Mansarovar, recognized by the Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan. The students of this unit have got the highest number of names in the merit list of each session. Today 5 Teachers and 50 Students have been replaced by 70 Teachers and 2000 Students in the Mansarovar unit. This School runs up to the 12th standard. It provides admission in Arts, Commerce, Science, and Agriculture faculties. Scholarships are won by meritorious students, studying here. In addition to it, Rawat Group of Colleges flourished under the Guidance of Mr. Hemendra Singh Rawat. Rawat Public School, Pratap Nagar was started under the wonderful guidance of the Director of Rawat Educational Group Mr. Narendra Singh Rawat. He has won many awards in a very short duration for his excellence in the educational field and great Contribution in the Field of Social Work and sports too.

Rawat Educational Group gives an important place to the education of enculturation. We consider that the main goal of education is morality, values, and character-building. The students can be good people in Life, walking through these paths. In Swami Vivekananda’s words: “Education by which a student can build his life, become a human being, can form character and harmonize thoughts, that is what really deserves to be called education". For the All-Round development of the students, we are providing encyclopedic education in Rawat Public Senior Secondary School, Mansarovar, having this point in our mind that in this Modern Era, we are giving, Spiritual Education along with their subjective courses. We have chosen the cultivation of moral virtues as to our main destination and it is true that Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another generation. To develop a sound ideology in the students, We want them to become the foundation of a dynamic country. Now Rawat Educational Group is establishing its various grand academic branches in Rajasthan.

Now our Group is flourishing with its various branches named: