Activities are necessary to prepare dynamic personalities for the nation. So we are playing a very important role to groom the entire personality of the students.

At Rawat Public Senior Secondary School, Neelam Path, Mansarovar, individual emphasis is given on various activities. Students are provided proficiency in various disciplines. The school organized various types of activities.

Spiritual Activities

Spirituality plays an important role in every person’s life, so Rawat Public Sr. Sec. School, Mansarovar organizes spiritual programs in the school premises by which spiritual education is being given to the students. Prayers and hymns are organized in the assembly to create a holy atmosphere in the morning. Along with this, students are inspired through patriotic songs and motivational songs, which are very important in today's materialistic era.

Along with this, spiritual workshops are organized from time to time, so that the visiting spiritual teacher can acquaint the students with the right direction of life and inculcate moral values in them.

Social Awareness Activities

Education is completed in a student's life only when the qualities related to social awareness come in the student. It is necessary to engage the students in activities related to social life. It is the endeavor of the school that the students are aware of their social responsibilities. For this, social awareness campaigns like anti-tobacco campaigns, anti-child marriage campaigns, clean environment campaigns, electricity-save, water-save campaigns, charity programs, etc. are organized in the school so that students can play their active role in removing social evils.

Sports Activities

Sports is an integral part of a student's life which is necessary to develop his abilities, so school and inter-school competitions are organized from time to time by the school, so that the students can improve his sports talent, for this, he should learn exercises demonstrated by physical teachers.

The students of the school make the school proud by participating in various competitions at the school and state levels. Sports like Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Taekwondo, carrom, etc. are encouraged in the school.

Cultural Activities

India's culture is unity in diversity. Here the spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is prominently included. Therefore, cultural activities are organized by the school to encourage different cultures of the country and abroad, in which dance and music competitions, costume competitions, various artistic, and creative activities, etc. are prominent. The purpose of these cultural activities is to give opportunities to the students to be good dancers, good singers, good artists, and good writers.

Creative & Innovative Activities

Special activities are organized to promote creative thinking and innovation in the students, in which writing, debate related activities are prominent. Along with this, creativity is encouraged in the students through organizing various exhibitions such as exhibitions of science, arts, and social sciences. For this, the subject material is made available to the students from time to time by the teachers of the school, and guidelines are given for making various models and giving presentations.

Various fairs are organized by the students from time to time, which is very useful for promoting the qualities of sociality in the students.